Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pregnancy update

We went for our level 2 sonogram yesterday and met with the perinatalogist. We were initially sent so they could get a better look at our baby's heart, which they did. The spot that was seen on Thursday is called an echogenic intracardiac focus. Basically, some calcification on the heart muscle. He said it is no big deal and will not affect her heart whatsoever. I think I was sent there to have this looked at because it can be a marker for Downs, however, he does not believe that to be the case. Anyway, the sonogram did show that my placenta is lying very low and is completely blocking the cervix. Yea! He seemed surprised that I had not experienced any bleeding yet and said he is almost certain I will before too long. He said one bleeding episode is "ok", however, if I have two then he will put me on hospital bed rest until delivery. Can you say, SCARY??? Can you imagine being on hospital bed rest with a three year old and 13 month old at home. Anyway, I go back in 6 weeks for another sono to see if the placenta has shifted any. He did not sound too positive about it moving so he went ahead and told us that if it stays where it is, then I will have to have an amnio at 36 weeks to check the maturity of her lungs. If they are mature enough, then I'll have a c-section in order to prevent me from going into labor. Sounds fun, doesn't it??? :) I honestly have such a peace about this whole situation as I know it is out of my hands. My greatest fear yesterday was that they were going to tell us our daughter would need emergency open-heart surgery after birth. So all is kinda rolling off my back. I am confident that I am receiving excellent care and will be monitored closely. The only sad part of this is that I have to stop nursing Olivia immediately. The risk of contracting and going into pre-term labor is too high. We were already in the process of weaning, but I wasn't prepared to stop cold turkey. :(

So, with all that being said, please continue to pray for our little girl and I suppose for me as well. I can handle all of this with the exception of the idea of bed rest. Pray it doesn't come to that.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Third times a charm????

Apparently not, although, it's hard to be upset with the results. We are having another girl! I wish I would have had a camera to get Evan's reaction. Poor guy had skipped lunch so he could leave early for my sono, so he was already a little woozy. But when the sonographer confirmed what he thought he saw on the monitor, I really thought his knees were going to buckle. Can you imagine???? Three girls!!!! Wow! All I could do was giggle. We both really wanted a boy, but there is something ultra-sweet about three daughters. Anyway, health wise, our baby girl looks great. The sonographer was a little concerned about the heart and something she saw. (It's just as well they didn't give me specifics. You know I'd be a googling machine!) So, we go Monday afternoon to see another OB and get a level 2 sonogram which I guess will show things in a little more detail. I am not worried. This little girl is in the great physician's hands and I know she will be taken care of, one way or another. Evan, on the other hand, is a worry wart when it comes to his children and I am certain that was part of his dizziness. That and the idea of walking three daughters down the aisle!!! He has already put his foot down on paying for weddings. Yeah, like that will work! :)

All in all, I still feel great. I've had some increased heartburn/gas the last few days (sorry if TMI) that's been giving me grief, but compared to my last pregnancy, this one has been a breeze. I am tired, however, that can easily be blamed on keeping up with Mia and Olivia. Oh, and the fact that Livi STILL does not sleep through the night. I am also working on weaning her, so I've got my hands full. I do need to get busy on cleaning out the guest room that will become the new baby's room. I think we will eventually make at least two of the girls share a room, however, they are still so little right now, I think they need their own space. We don't trust Mia with Olivia and there is no way I am putting an 18 month old in the same room as a newborn...if I don't have to. When we built this house five years ago, four bedrooms seemed like more than enough and we know we are blessed to have it. But it's amazing how fast you run out of room with three babies in four years!

We do have a potential name lined up and I was all ready to announce it, but Evan said he needs to ponder it a little more. I think he is still just in shock!