Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I hate earworms!!!

Ever had an earworm? It's horrible! It just festers and festers until you can't take it anymore and you seriously contemplate running a knife through your ears to rid yourself of the agony. Earworms are bad enough, but when it involves the theme song to "Handy Manny", or even worse, something from the "Imagination Movers", well...just shoot me. I suppose that is my life now. Lyrics and melodies from those shows that I find most annoying embed themselves in my brain out of spite. Why can't it be something I like? Like a good 'ole worship song by Chris Tomlin? Or something from George Strait's "Ocean Front Property" album? Noooooo, tonight I will find myself drifting off to sleep to the ever catchy Handy Manny theme song.

Da da da da da, Handy Manny!
Da da da da da, Handy Manny!

Dadgum catchy little ditty! I curse you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For my husband...

Unbeknownst to me, my husband follows my blog. About a week ago, he made a comment that I had not updated my blog in a while. Huh? You read my blog??? Of course, I immediately became defensive listing the multitudes of things that take up my time and prevent me from writing, which I so love to do, as if I was explaining why dinner wasn't on the table. Or why I had neglected to meet him at the door with his pipe and slippers. Ya know, because I do that ALL the time! Anyway, I do miss writing, but have I mentioned that I am busy? I think of tons of things to write about throughout the day, but when I finally have time to sit at the computer, I am either too tired or get sucked into my latest addiction...Facebook. Anywho, here is what is keeping me occupied these days.

Let's see, first and foremost, I have entered into the icky, miserable part of being pregnant. Whoa, let me back-track. I know how unbelievably blessed I am to be carrying this sweet girl, but let's be real. When you are (nearly) 34 weeks pregnant, things start to hurt and swell and did I mention, hurt? Not to mention that this little girl is way more active than I remember Olivia being. She has her feet up in my ribs 90% of the time and while it is awesome to watch her move and stretch across my belly, it can be uncomfy at times. And let's just forget about sleep. I can't get comfortable at night and I wake up any time I roll over because it is such a huge undertaking. While I still have about 6 weeks to go, I stare and belly and wonder just how much bigger it can get. Of course, with only 6 weeks left, I am in panic mode trying to get everything "ready" (as if you are ever really ready) and worrying about how my youngest will react once we bring Sarah home. With Olivia, it was a little easier because Mia was older and had some idea what was going on. Livi is CLUELESS and is still such a Mama's girl, I cringe when I think about the tantrums and tears she and I will share once Sarah arrives.

Speaking of Mia and Olivia, they keep me hopping as well. Keeping up with a 3 1/2 year old and almost 17 month old is hard enough, but throw in the whole pregnancy thing and you become a walking, whining Mommy that is constantly saying, "In a minute. Mommy needs to sit for a second." We are still sorting out some behavior issues with Mia and I think we are finally to a point where we have more good than bad days. She is such a strong-willed little girl and will come right out and tell us, "I want my way!" Of course, with that strong-will comes a strong and BIG personality. She is sooooooo sweet and friendly. It blows me away when we are out and about how different she can be. People are always complimenting her on a what a well-behaved little girl she is. I have learned to accept the compliment without looking around and saying, "What little girl are you referring to? Surely not this one!!!" Hey, no one can sell you out like your Mama! She really is precious though. While she can be a little devil to her sister, I am touched to the point of tears at how tender and loving she can be as well. What I love most about Mia right now is that she is really beginning to acknowledge God more and talk about His existence and influence on her life. And at three years old, she can pray the Lord's prayer. I think that is huge since I couldn't recite until a few years ago. I learn so much from her everyday and gain such an understanding of God's love for us. I can't believe she will be four in a few months. Where has the time gone?

Olivia is an absolute riot. She is still so tiny and I find myself forgetting that she is older than she looks. I get blown away when she does something new, as if I have a genius on my hands. Of course, I do, but that is beside the point. She is SO funny and is constantly cracking us up with her facial expressions. Her latest thing is pointing to different things and asking, "Dat?" She is increasing her vocabulary everyday although a lot of things she says still sounds like she is cussing us out. I have NO idea where she would hear such language! She is funny because while she is VERY affectionate with us, she gets irritated when Mia wants to love on her. She gets this perturbed look on her face and pushes her away. Unfortunately, we have had to start disciplining her for "no-no's" and I hate it. I remember the first time I had to swat Mia's hand. The look of horror that flashed across her face reduced me to tears. Of course, I react the exact same way with Livi. The funny thing is, she has started swatting her own hand when she does something she knows she's not supposed to. She'll hit her arm a couple of times and say, "No no." It is freakin' hilarious and so hard not to crack up. But hey, who can argue to with self-discipline at 17 months????

Let's see, in addition to all the fun and games listed above. The past month or so has brought on other activities to keep my busy.

*My Grandmother died in April and while it was a relief for her not to be suffering anymore, it's always hard when you lose a loved one.

*My Dad has had two surgeries in an effort to correct the broken bone he broke over a year ago on Evan's motorcycle.

*I am desperately trying to get the house and Sarah's room ready for her arrival so things are not as hectic once she is here. With both Mia and Olivia, we did their rooms after they were born and it was such a pain. Evan, bless his heart, has been painting Sarah's room for about a week and it's still not pink. She will be residing in what was once our office. The office we painted a dark, blue gray when we first moved in. Yeah, smart! Anyway, he has put on two coats of primer, repainted the trim and ceiling. Next step is pink and hopefully the blue-gray won't bleed through.

*Livi has had two really bad ear infections during the past month and we are all recovering from one of the worst stomach bugs EVER.

*Finally, while I feel I have made huge steps towards letting go of the housework and learning to live with clutter and filth, I still try to maintain some sort of order and cleanliness around here. Honestly, I don't know why. I seem to be the only one that cares and it just gets messed up again. I feel like if I can keep it up until Sarah comes, then coming home to a clean and orderly house will be nice. Of course, in reality, I know it won't happen that way. But a girl can dream, right?

Well sweet hubby, there is your updated blog. I know you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for it. Oh, and I am sorry about your slippers and pipe. I promise it won't happen again.