Friday, January 16, 2009


I had my 15 week check-up with my OB yesterday. Not being able to feel the baby move yet and 4 weeks between doctor's visits give the brain lots of time to come up with "what if" scenarios. Anyway, my doctor came in and immediately grabbed the doppler to check the baby's heart rate, all the while, talking up a storm. It eased my anxiety until she couldn't find the heart beat. I'm sure it was only 30 seconds, but it seemed like 10 minutes. Finally, I heard the fast-paced swoosh and started to breathe again. Sweet relief!!!!! She said the baby was moving around a lot and that was the reason she couldn't get a good reading. Double good news! Just for fun, she compared the baby's heart rate yesterday of 145 to Olivia's at about the same time. Hers was 158. Of course, I know it's only a myth, but we are hoping the lower heart rate is another indication that this one is a boy. I go back in 4 weeks for another sono where we will hopefully find out for sure.


Alicia LeMoine said...

It's a boy! Daddy & I agree, though he'd really love another girl. Hope this one will sleep all night! We love you sooooo much!

txmomof2 said...

exciting!! :)
-Alison W.

HallHousehold said...

My heart was pounding as I read the blog....then yes, sweet relief, a fabulous heartbeat. Also consider less of morning sickness...sounds like a boy to ME! Basketball or watermelon? (Your tummy that is.) Any more wives tales anyone can think of?